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A Message From Our Founder

“Often known as Mrs Sim, I have been blessed with almost 40 years of enriching teaching experience ranging

from the then ‘monolingual’ stream to the gifted children. Throughout these years, besides heading a

science department and other departments, being involved in curriculum writing, mentoring teachers and conducting workshops while serving at MOE HQ, I have wonderful experiences with every single one of my students. Among all these great children, some have emerged as scholars, including a president scholar.


You might have thought “Of course with the gifted kids!” But I am referring to my mainstream classes

while being a form teacher for several P6 batches. While being gifted is one thing, I believe every child

has an inert ability to do their utmost and not waste their life. It is up to the teacher to

find ways and means to bring this out in the children under their charge.


All the children that I have taught, smart or average intelligence, motivated or not, have brought me much joy and gifts during the time our paths crossed. One of the best gifts bestowed on me was to see my mainstream pupil top the school at PSLE outshining the GEP kids for the first time! This is a great morale booster for all mainstream children who felt dejected for not being able to get into the gifted programme.


Being able to teach has been an abundant blessing to me in many more ways than I can imagine.

As such, I am always looking out for anyone who is keen to join the team to share

and keep alive the passion of teaching ‘without the children realising they are learning’!


For parents who have placed their children with me or teachers in Perceptum Science, I thank you from

the bottom of my heart the trust given and the privileged opportunity to work with your children!”

Our Philosophy

Learning should make sense...

Learning should be meaningful...

No one should be afraid to make mistakes, because it is through mistakes that

abstract concepts become clearer and

challenges become easier...

Our Values

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