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Above the Clouds

English Programme
using Literature

Limited time offer to usher in 2022! 

50% off TERM 1 Fees 

A word about the Programme from the curriculum designer...

It has always been my desire to design an engaging and effective English programme like our Science programme. This is especially so after having played a small role during the rolling out of the national ENGLISH programme - STELLAR. After all, my pet subjects have always been Science, English and Arts, and what better way than to incorporate these programmes at our centres! They will help pupils to not only excel in these subjects, but spark their love for learning in a long time to come!


The whole programme is uniquely designed to equip pupils with the right linguistic skills that will more than adequately prepare them for PSLE. It will incorporate critical thinking and writing/application skills through engaging pedagogies that are aligned with MOE STELLAR requirements. Feel free to WhatsApp me at 91990073 for further queries.


The classes will be conducted by very passionate and experienced ex-MOE teachers.

Certainly looking forward to having your children being part of the English programme! The registration form is below:


我一直希望设计一个像我们的科学课程一样引人入胜且有效的英语课程。尤其是在帮忙推出国家英语计划 - STELLAR 期间后。毕竟,我最喜欢的科目一直是科学、英语和艺术,还有什么比在我们的中心加入这些课程更好的方法呢!这些课程将帮助学生不仅在这些科目上表现出色,而且在未来很长一段时间内激发他们对学习的热爱!


整个课程经过独特设计,旨在让学生掌握正确的语言技能,为他们的 PSLE 做好充分的准备。它将通过符合 MOE STELLAR 要求的教学法来融入批判性思维和写作与运用技巧。


该课程的老师是经验丰富与有责任感的前教育部老师。 如果还有其他疑问请发WhatsApp到91990073.



​mrs sim

Registration Form for WEEKLY ENGLISH class

Are you a current pupil at Perceptum Science? 是我们当前的学生吗?[For EL lessons at Hougang please contact 84508134]
Kindly choose the appropriate descriptors
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